June 15, 2011 – Special Words!

Amy started off our blog yesterday and it was a very special time for both of us as we move forward in this journey!  We really appreciate all of the kind words and encouragement! 

Many have asked how we are going to proceed with the blog – blog, updates, memories, etc.  Our plan is to alternate blogging based upon topics that God has laid on our hearts on the Home Page of the blog along with updating regularly various sections of the blog.  Hannah memories will be under the “Hannah” section, special & uplifting experiences with God throughout our earthly life with Hannah will be under the “Hannah Happenings” section, Cancer related articles under the Childhood Cancer section and Prayer Requests that we have or where others have posted will be in the Prayer Request section.  This is all fine but the success of this blog will be determined by God and really needs your support, your thoughts and most importantly your prayers! 

When we went through this journey with Hannah, we really had no direction or guidebook on anything related to it!  We searched for sites, gathered information, had many of you provide information but there wasn’t alot of Christian related information for us to gain encouragement, ask questions or how to proceed forward!  Through the journey, we learned alot and now want to share our love,  thoughts, knowledge and advice for others who are about to go forward into what will be the worst trial of their lives! 

There was one constant throughout our journey as you will read about extensively moving forward – Jesus!  The Name Above All Names!  He was there!  For those of you who don’t believe in Him or think that while he was a good man but not the Savior, you are so mistaken!  He is who He said He is!  He is the ONLY thing and is EVERYTHING!   We know 100% as He alone was our source of strength, comfort and is the only reason we are sane and functioning right now after the horrible suffering death of our sweet first born baby girl!   JESUS saves and Jesus is the answer to every one of life’s tough questions!  We will expound on that in detail in coming days!

As we move forward, Amy & I will try to put together a somewhat cohesive blogging plan (allowing for the Holy Spirit’s guiding and leading) together.  For the first week or so, it will be random thoughts, feelings to get us started and then it is our hope that our messages will be stronger, clearer and more helpful in the future.

Special Words is my topic that came to mind tonight!  What does that mean?  I have no idea!  Well actually I do have an idea as one word popped into my mind this evening.  The word is SMIDGE!

What does the word “Smidge” have to do with anything?  It means EVERYTHING to me as it was one of the last words my sweet baby girl said to me!  Hannah would use this word to describe a little of something or to move over a little bit (mostly closer to her)! 

Just an hour or so before her death, we were waiting in the Children’s Outpatient waiting room for her blood transfusion appointment with no idea or clue of what was in store in the remaining hours.  Hannah was very sick, throwing up, hurting but was so strong & brave as Amy and I sat by her waiting.  She was so exhausted after being at home for the weekend and as we were looking through an American Girl doll catalog, she asked me quietly and so gently “Dad, can you move over here a SMIDGE closer to me”?  I said “Sure, sweetie!”.  As I did that, she put down the catalog, and placed her beautiful head on my shoulder, shut her eyes and took a little nap!  Thank You Jesus for such an adorable daughter and girl! 

Now as everyone knows, Smidge is one of my all-time favorite words and I can’t wait in Heaven to say to her – “Han, come over here a Smidge, I want to hug you!” 

Revelation 21:4 (ESV)  He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. 

Question for anyone reading – do you have any Special Words?

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