July 15, 2011 – Happy Birthday Jacob

Our little Jacob isn’t so little anymore, he turned 7 today.  He had a fun day which started with him getting up at 5 a.m. opening presents, then going to the last day of VBS in the morning, and learning camp in the afternoon.  After his already full day we went out to dinner at Posado’s for Mexican food and most importantly a soft serve ice cream.

It’s been a fun and a wonderful day of celebration for Jacob, who is so excited to be “growing up”.  It’s also been a sad day because  Hannah was not here to celebrate with us.   Lot’s of memories today of all of Hannah & Jacob’s birthdays, past VBS’s, as well as Hannah’s first trip to Posado’s when she was just a few weeks old (she loved the lights and music).

Jacob had such a great time at VBS this week, and I really loved watching the kids singing their praise songs at the end of each day.  I kept thinking how much Hannah would love being there, she loved singing and praising God.  Then, I starting thinking more about the fact that she is in the presence of God, singing her praises to Jesus Himself.  I can’t wait to be there with her and really long for the day our whole family is together again and worshiping in His presence.

Happy Birthday to our special little man.  We love you so much Jacob and Hannah loves you too!

In Him,


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