July 28, 2011 – Emotional Day

Today has been another one of those really emotional days.  This morning I received an email from our sweet friend Donna that the plaque for Hannah’s memorial tree at the Allen Public library was being placed.  The plan was to go by and look at the plaque and tree this afternoon, but our plans got sidetracked.

On Sunday Jacob, Bill & I were diagnosed with strep for the third time this year, and started on Antibiotics.  The medicine hadn’t gotten rid of Jacob’s strep so we went to the Dr yesterday and she changed his antibiotics.  Jacob had an allergic reaction to this new antibiotic and we ended up rushing to the emergency room.  Flashing back to Hannah’s numerous allergic reactions I gave him a good dose of benedryl before heading out.  I really wanted to go to the Mckinney Hospital, but since Allen’s is so much closer, we headed to the Allen E.R. 

Memories were flooding in as we parked and walked in, my mind was swimming with memories of taking precious Hannah there that awful early morning last September 28th.  Once inside, I almost immediately saw the Dr that treated Hannah and had to fight back the tears, and just walking down the hall brought back all the pain and heartbreak of being there with Hannah.  The awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and the numbness came back as I looked into the room that the Dr cleared when he told us that Hannah had a mass covering 2/3 of her liver and remembering him giving us printouts of the grim prognosis of what she was facing.

After spending the afternoon in the E.R., along with a dose of and prescription for prednisolone Jacob is doing much better.  He started out with a lot of energy from the medicine, but still went to bed early and we are praying that he gets a good night of sleep.  I went in to check on him and give him another goodnight kiss, he looks so peaceful and I thank God every moment for that amazing little boy!

Do you ever feel like God takes you to certain places for a reason?  We really don’t know what the reason was today, but again God is in control and his plans are better than ours.  Our plan is to go and see the plaque tomorrow and we are praying that nothing sidetracks us this time…but then again, you never know God may have another plan for us then too.

We want to say a very special thank you to Hannah’s Girl Scout troop for planting the tree and donating to the plaque, to Donna for coordinating and putting so much time and effort into coordinating everything and donating, to Marybeth, Dee Dee and to all our other wonderful friends at Allen Bible and N-Tech who helped plant the tree and who donated for the plaque.  We are blessed by all of you!

Our hope and salvation is in Jesus!

In Him,


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