October 2, 2011 – Prayer Requests

We have two major prayer requests to whoever reads this:

1. Pray for our son Jacob. Lots of things going on with him right now – loneliness, dealing with the reality of Hannah’s departure forever here on Earth, going through a tough time at school including a form of bullying and overall concentration & focus dealing with the overall stress and how to express his feelings.

2. Pray for a great friend of our family who is battling a horrible disease and is in the midst of a tough battle. Also his family and entire support team for stamina and encouragement. For his doctors to make wise decisions and provide exceptional healthcare.

Jesus you aren’t just a great man in history, you are everything! You are the Messiah who will come again to rule this broken world! We are crying out for you Lord in both prayer requests to have favor with them! Protect them, comfort them and heal them with your mighty power!

Also Amy and I need your prayers more than ever right now as life in all aspects is really tough right now.

Thank you!

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