October 8, 2011 – The Question

One of the most common and innocent questions that is asked by pretty much everyone  has become my most dreaded question.  It comes in several forms, “Do you have children?”  “How many kids do you have?” or people who have met Jacob often ask “Do you have other kids?”  This is such an easy question to answer for most, but my response to this question brings such varied reactions.  Most people react graciously, but with total shock and an “I’m so sorry” or “Oh” and a long silence.  People are often uncomfortable after hearing my answer and are not sure where to go from there.    

Hannah, while not still with us here on earth is still our daughter, and will be for eternity.  She is alive in Heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus…living in the presence of God.  It’s been almost a year, and it is still the most difficult question I have to answer.  I don’t dread telling people about Hannah, but I do dread what kind of reaction I will receive.  I’m certain this will continue to be the most difficult question that I answer until the day that I see our sweet Hannah again.  

Is there a question that is often asked that you dread?  If so, please share…we would love to hear about it.

In Him,


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