December 14, 2011 – All we need is Jesus

I was at Target yesterday getting cookie decorating supplies for Jacob’s class Christmas Party, and as you enter this particular Super Target through one of the doors you have to walk right past the girls clothing section.  I usually avoid this section as much as possible, it’s just too hard to look at all of the cute clothes that Hannah always loved to browse through and wear.  But as I walked by it yesterday, I spotted a cute little t-shirt with a really sweet saying on it that read “All we need is peace and love”.   In the moralistic world that we live in, that sounds so good…wow, all we need is peace and love…what a great world it would be.   Everyone is espousing the need for peace, love, acceptance, tolerance, and the list goes on.  This simple little shirt struck such a chord with me yesterday and the instant I read it the thought I had was ALL WE NEED IS JESUS!!! 

We can’t truly have peace and love without The One who created peace and love.  As one who can speak of the peace that Jesus brings that passes all understanding (especially my own), I don’t see how you can have much of anything without Him.  The fact that we need Jesus seems so simple to me, but I know that is never going to be the case for everyone.  This world is not going to be perfect (or even close) until The Father sends His Son back, first to rescue those of us who have a relationship with Him, and then to reign forever and to make all things new.  But for now, until that Glorious Day, those of us who know Jesus as our Savior have got to spread the true meaning of peace and love….especially during this season of “holiday’s”.  The true reason for the season…JESUS! 

**As happens so very often, God is speaking to me right in the midst of writing this post.  As I was writing I turned on The Spirit music channel on DirecTV and the song that immediately came on is “You can have me” by the Sidewalk Prophets.  This song has such meaning to us as we listened to the Sidewalk Prophets a lot during our time of prayer about following God’s Will  just before Hannah got sick.  We listened to this song so often before and during Hannah’s illness, but I have not heard it in a long time…it speaks right to my soul.  Jesus, You can have me!!!!


We have added new prayer requests, so be sure to check out the prayer requests page each time you visit the site.  If you have any request that you would like us to pray for, please add them (or email us if you would like to keep them more private).  We need to continually be in prayer for one another.

In Him!


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