March 2012 Update

We are currently trying to discern God’s will for this blog which is the reason for the lack of posts and sharing of our lives. We felt when we started that the purpose was to share our thoughts in a real and personal way in order to give hope and encouragement to others going through a similar tragedy of losing a child.

We are hopeful that some messages may have reached the intended audience of how Jesus has been our everything through this dark valley in our lives. The reality is the more we shared, the less people talked, supported or even interacted with all three of us. Family, friends and acquaintances would read our thoughts and then react. If a good day or blog, we would get comments and unfortunately if a bad day, they would run away as to not be bogged down or be depressed. People we knew would literally run away from us at grocery stores so they would not have to see us. And others would just read from a distance.

We know that the majority of people are good people and just do not know how to deal with it or what to say. It is a sad reality especially in Christian circles with people who have the same belief and love of Jesus, that they would be the ones who weren’t there. Matter of fact, the people who reached out to all three of us the most during this 1+ year since Hannah’s death are non- Christians who have been been actually Christ-like to us.

In talking to others who’ve had similar tragedies, they have sadly similar stories. We know several situations in our past where we did the same thing unfortunately! If you are one of those people and happen to read this, we are truly sorry and repent! We had no idea the pain, the loneliness and overall hurt you were going through until now!!

Our advice to those reading this who possibly maybe going through this right now with family or friends suffering – Run towards them not Away! Be present in the flesh and walk with them rather than sending cards, emails and texts! Don’t worry what to say or wait for those suffering to call you, Go! Be real and weep with them! Jesus wept with those grieving Lazurus’s death! Don’t be religious, be real!

The good news for our family is despite our suffering and our sins, we have a Savior that is unbelievable – Jesus! He is the answer to all of our questions, has been with us throughout and will be there face to face with us when we get to Heaven!

We are praying and reading God’s Word on what our next steps will be for this site. Hannah will not be forgotten as we know she is in Heaven and in good hands which is great!

For anyone going through similar tragedies and we don’t know you or your struggles but you need support, we are here and want to help if you need someone to walk with you! Our confidential email is

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