August 4, 2012 – Shine your light

When Hannah was in the hospital, she had to wear a pulse/ox monitor on her finger to measure her pulse and oxygen levels.  This pulse/ox had a red light that “glowed” when it was dark. One day  I mentioned to Hannah that she looked like E.T., to which she responded “what?” as she had never seen the movie.  I didn’t think too much more about it, but later that night I was sleeping and I woke up and saw Hannah’s finger in the air.  As I came closer I could hear her quietly singing… “This little light of mine”.  This brought tears to my eyes…my thoughts were of a silly movie, Hannah’s were much higher…her light for Jesus!

Hannah always let her light shine for Jesus.  Her love and care for people showed brightly in all she did.  She looked after and played with younger children, she reached out to everyone, she shared, she gave and she just loved everyone.  Hannah was a friend to all, and made everyone (young and older) feel special.

A few months after Hannah died we were cleaning out some of her things, and in her lunch pack that she took to a little camp she went to during the summer there were some things stuffed in a side pocket.  When we opened this up we found a snack and a sweet little note to a girl named Gabby at the camp.  Gabby had not brought a snack each day and Hannah had worried about her and and had shared her snack with her.  She had come home one day so upset because Gabby had not come back.  When cleaning out the bag we found out that she had written a sweet note to her new friend Gabby and had brought her a snack without our knowledge, and since her friend never returned, she had not been able to share it with her.  Hannah was always concerned with others and how to serve them.

To quote a song by the Sidewalk Prophets….”I want to live like that”, I want to have the love for others that Hannah has.  Until I get to see my little girl again, I want to live like she did.  I want my light to shine brightly for Jesus, just as Hannah’s light shined so brightly!


In Him!


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