September 15, 1012 – Hope for the Grieving

With Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in full swing you see so many great organizations out there advocating for a cure for Childhood Cancer.  I completely understand why parents  start organizations to bring awareness to the disease that took their child from them, and especially to honor their child and keep their memory alive.  What’s missing are organizations ministering to the families of children who have lost their battle to cancer (or any other illness or accident).  Nationally there are general Christian grief support groups, and secular groups aimed at parents who have lost children.  But there is just not a strong Christian organization reaching out to grieving parents and siblings and sharing with them the hope of Jesus Christ.

We support Childhood Cancer Awareness and want to bring out the fact that there is not enough research or funding for this horrible disease that effects so many precious children.  But, our calling and what God has placed in our hearts is to minister to others who have gone through everyone’s “worst nightmare”.  Hannah has gone on to be with the Lord, and one day we will too.  We know for sure that we will be with Hannah again, based solely on our faith in Jesus Christ.  This life is temporary, the next one is permanent.  If you have lost a child, you too can know that peace…and look forward with hope to the day you will be with your child again…and live eternally in the presence of God.

In Him,


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