March 27, 2012 – Praying

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Ransom, we wanted to let you know that he went to be with Jesus on Monday.  Please continue to pray for the Hardesty family as they grieve for their precious boy.  Thank you Lord for the promise that they will see their son again, and live with him and You forever.  Holding on to the hope and the promise!
Below is the post on Ransom’s Facebook page:
Today, in the early morning, we lost our darling son Ransom. He went in peace, he went quietly, and he went in the arms of his mother. It is inexpressible what this loss is to us. Ransom was the best of us. He was full of kindness and love, courage and boldness. He was smart and funny and gave constant joy and happiness to those around him.
We simply cannot imagine a world without him, and when we do the pain is unimaginable. How we will miss his sweet soul. Oh Ransom, how we will miss you…how desperately we will miss you.
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