May 4, 2013 – Attached

We all have things we grow attached to, these can be objects, people, money, possesions, shows, memories…

I’ve been going through our closets cleaning out and purging things lately and came across several boxes of photos.  (Wow! It’s so crazy that in such little time (less than 10 years) we have gone from printed pictures to basically having everything on the computer.)  Anyway, in these boxes were so many precious pictures of Hannah & Jacob.  I spent some time sitting on the floor going through these pictures, doing some crying and remembering all the wonderful memories.

I found several pictures of Hannah from before Jacob was born, with her ever present companion “Josh”.  Before Jacob was born, Hannah wanted a little brother so badly, and she became very attached to a little plastic boy (from the mega blocks pack) that she named after her cousin Josh.  Josh went everywhere with Hannah…in the car, to play dates, to the park, swimming, in the bath, to sleep…he could never be far away.  In fact, we had to buy 3 Josh’s so that we would never be without him.  I’ve attached a few of the pictures I found, and as you can see, there is Josh.  As soon as Jacob was born, Josh quickly faded away and became part of the mega blocks set again, except for the one that always sat in her bookshelf.  We somehow still had all three Josh’s – one is buried with Hannah, one is in Hannah’s bookcase and one is still with our toys.

It’s amazing how attached we can become to “things”.  It can be really cute when children become attached to something, but as adults our attachments can quickly become distracting obsessions, and that can pull us away from the One thing we really need to be attached to.  I pray continually that my strongest attachment is always to the One that is eternal… JESUS.

What are you attached to?

In Him!


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