August 3, 2013 – Jacob’s Journey

Yesterday we met with Jacob’s Neurologist and learned that he has Localization-Related Epilepsy.  He was started on anti-seizure medication and soon he will be having a 24 to 48 hr EEG done in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Children’s as well as some other testing.  We wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and ask for prayer that Jacob tolerates the medication without side effects and that it works well for him.

The day before his appointment I was talking about it  with him and about why we were going down there, then Jacob very matter of factly said “we are going there to find out if I have cancer.”  Evidently the association with going down to Children’s for an appointment made him think it must be cancer.  He had also been asking a lot of questions about strokes, so we were very thankful, that without our prompting, the doctor went over twice that he doesn’t have cancer, a tumor and he didn’t have a stroke.

This new medical journey is just beginning, and we are praying to the One who controls it all…for wisdom, strength, comfort and healing.  Through it all we praise the One who paid it all for us, Jesus.  Leaning on Him and Him alone for strength when ours is gone.

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