March 2, 2014 – Blessed

So often I get bogged down in this world, it’s always when my focus veers from God Almighty, and I start to worry about all that is going on here and now.  My whole attitude changes so dramatically when my focus is not solidly on Jesus.  We are not promised that our lives will be all “blessings” here (at least not the way that most “#blessed cultural Christians of this current world” talk about or flaunt their blessings), but we are promised that we will be blessed when we persevere the trials we face here, and that there is a crown of life waiting for us.  Soon, there is coming a day…when once and for all, everything will be set right and we will dwell with our Lord forever!

For all of you who are going through fiery trials and are struggling just to make it through each day, remember that Jesus Himself suffered and died for each of us, and that He has gone to prepare a place for us…where our blessings will not be momentary, they will last for eternity!!!

Praying for so many right now who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, health issues and various other struggles.  If you would like for us to pray for you, please email us and know that we will be praying.

In Him!



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