March 21, 2014 – The Forgotten


Families that lose a child or a key member of their family are often neglected after the initial rush of the funeral, meals provided, etc.  The rest of the world moves on and expects the family to do likewise.  And then the social circles around the family change due to the loss and the grieving family moves farther and farther away.
We are committed to pray for these “forgotten” families going through what we did with the loss of our sweet girl Hannah and will continue to do so until our lives here on Earth are up!
Listed below are families that need prayer!  Some of them we know personally and some we have heard about their loss and circumstances.
Our prayer to our Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit is that ALL of the people affected and impacted by their real loss lean on and run towards Jesus for comfort, guidance and peace for their remaining lives here on earth and believe in Him and his promises for the future!
We miss Hannah with every part of our lives but we cling to and hold onto the rock solid promises of Jesus for eternal life and to be reunited with our blue eyed beauty forever!
Praise be to Jesus for what you have done for us!
Here are the families that we know of in our lives.  Please include others that you know of in your lives!
Prayer is real, important and will make a difference in their lives!
The Philips Family (Reena & Daniel)
The Juarez Family (Melissa)
The Schmidt Family (Samantha)
The Hardesty Family (Ransom)
The Rose Family (Abby)
The Richardson Family (Carson)
The Schlup Family (Ella)
The Brawdy Family (Brandon)
The Singleton Family (Olivia)
The Corbett Family (Sadie)
The Burgstahler Family (Taylor)
The Tate Family (Connor)
The Turner Family (Skip)
The Oxford Family (Nate)
The Veal Family (Mavrick)
The Powell Family (Leah)
The Schablin/Hasslen Family (Stacy)
The Fuentes Family (Elias)
The Nagel Family (Ruth)
The Lusko Family (Lenya)
The Warren Family (Matthew)
The Good Family (Tracy)
The Coody Family (Jesse)
The Laurie Family (Christopher)
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