August 6, 2014 – Bracelet

Many people who have lost a child (or another loved one) become passionate about fighting the cause that took their loved one from them…it could be cancer, food allergies, texting and driving, drugs, the list goes on and on.  These are all great things to fight against and/or bring awareness to which is admirable and much needed.

Our primary focus after the death of Hannah has been on the life saving relationship with Jesus and our eternity with Him!  In honor of Hannah’s life and a reminder to everyone who knew her here on Earth, we created a special bracelet that we feel she would like while providing a daily reminder that Hannah is with Jesus and one day we will be reunited with her in Heaven!

Shown below are pictures of the bracelet.  If anyone would like one, please email us at and we will get one to you free of charge.  We appreciate your support of our family and our ongoing ministry!



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